Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Stir Fry with Noodles

Hello lovelies! 

I hope that you are having a wonderful day. I am in the middle of mid-terms right now, 2 down, 2 to go! Man am I ready for a break! I have had minimal spare time, and I'm ashamed to say that my cooking has been cut out of my daily routine(okay just minimized, I can't not cook). Just for this week though, I can't tell you how ready I am for a good hearty meal, no more of this cereal for breakfast and smoothies for lunch.
This was something that I made last week, oooo what I wouldn't give for some of this good stuff right now. Easy stir fry. Now I don't claim to know anything about traditional stir fry, this is definitely a modified version. I know stir fry is usually served with rice (right?) but I like mine with noodles. So here is my version!

You're going to need:
Udon noodles
Stir fry veggies of choice (I used red bell peppers, carrots, and snow peas)
Asian marinade, or stir fry sauce of choice
Soy Sauce (optional)
Olive Oil for frying

 When it comes to Asian noodles, it is so easy to cook them just like we cook spaghetti, but resist. Make sure that you read the labeling, and cook them according to the instructions there, they all vary slightly. This makes a big difference in texture of the noodles. But it won't kill the noodles if you forget and cook them like spaghetti.
While the noodles are cooking, prepare your veggies. I started off trying to make matchsticks out of the carrots but i think i made it through one and gave up. Just cut them however you like to eat them.
Simple logic right?
Once they are all cut up to your liking, heat up a pan with olive oil and you're going to start sautéing the veggies over a medium heat. I saved the snow peas for later, because I wanted them to be barely cooked. They seem to wilt faster than the other vegetables.
Also this is when I added a tiny bit of soy sauce, maybe a tablespoon, just to cook some extra flavor into the stir fry.
This is what my noodles look like when they are just about done cooking.
And when they are strained. Forgive the shadows.
 So I added the snow peas right before I added the noodles to the mixture, to give them a quick stir around the pan, but not much more than that. And we are almost done!
 You're going to turn off the heat and add your still warm noodles to the pan along with your marinade/stir fry sauce and mix it all together! Let the flavors all blend for a few minutes.
And there you have it. This is a great picky eater's meal too, because it is easy to customize according to likes and dislikes. Don't add the peppers, or for protein add chicken or tofu. Its endless!
Whenever I make this, I make it in big batches so that I can have it a few more times throughout the week. Like a lot of meals, this one is ten times better as warm-ups because all the flavors just marinate together, and steep into the noodles. You just can't go wrong.

Now for the health aspect of this meal, you have your vegetables, and your noodles, neither of which are bad for you. The sauces that you choose are going to make or break this meal in the healthy department. With the addition of soy sauce, you are adding a good amount of sodium. You have to be careful of that with the sauce you choose. The other item to watch for on the label is the sugar. Pass on sauce that is over 15% sodium, and over 10 grams of sugar, and you've got yourself one darn good meal.


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  1. Great post!. This kind of Recipes For Stir Fry I'm looking for. I will list-down all the important things given in your blog because I want to try this one. I'm sure my family will like this food because they really loved the noodles. Thank you for sharing this with us.