About Me

Hello there!
I'm so glad that you are here, this page is 100% for you and your curiosity. I'm so terribly awkward with introductions so I will go ahead and do my best to lay down some basics!
My name is Terra.
 I'm a Jesus loving, 20-year-old, born, raised, and attending college in sunny San Diego. 
I love all things to do with tea, candles, and dark chocolate.

This is my mom.
We are way more alike than I like to admit.

Between growing up with my athletic, health conscious mom, and participating in sports forever as long as I can remember, I developed a love..no, a passion, for healthy living.
And that is what I created this blog for. Mostly because my creativity is limited to writing/journaling, and cooking/baking.
It just makes sense that a blog is where the two meet in the middle.
And I can't make an about me page without including the one who I "do life" with.
Meet Alex, my other half. 
I'm so blessed.