Saturday, June 29, 2013

Put Your Best Face Forward

I'm about to get vulnerable with you. Don't worry I won't have you getting misty eyed, but I want to share a triumph and by doing so, share hope and knowledge as well.
I have breifly mentioned before, that since mid-highschool I have struggled with acne. And trust me when I say I've tried it all - from the basic clean and clear, to proactiv, to special order neutrogena. The skin care aisle was a familiar place for me.
 My freshman year of college I got desperate and went to the dermatologist. Still no result and although it was tempting, birth control was not an option for me. 
Nothing was working for me and let me tell you, it is a terrible feeling to be ashamed of your face. To constantly be worrying if your makeup is wearing off. To not want your picture taken, or your boyfriend to kiss your forehead.
At my worst, I was introduced to an esthetician who changed my life. 
She taught me the importance of what you put into your body.
Growing up my mom always ate a clean diet, and taught me how to do the same but now my diet became personal. 
There are lists all over the place about foods that are good for your skin such as {this one}, and they are awesome. It is super important to get all of the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to thrive.
But the game changer that my esthetician taught me is this:
 The three big no-no's for acne prone skin.

1. Refined Flour/Grains

This includes typical white bread, and pasta. If you want to clear up your acne, eat only whole grains as much as possible. The more refined the grain is, the more inflammatory effect it has on our body. Refined grains increase keratinocyte production in the body which is often the root of an acne problem.

2. Dairy

Yes, I'm sorry. Milk, cheese, yogurt. It definitely has it's benefits, but clear skin is not one of them! Just like refined grains, dairy has an inflammatory effect on the skin, and milk is the worst offender. Not to mention all of the hormones that are in dairy these days. When I consume dairy, it's like I'm asking for a breakout.

3. Sugar
This one shouldn't surprise you, I think we all have heard that we need to cut back on the sugar intake. But did you know that we all have yeast living inside of us? It's a natural thing, in moderation but yeast feeds on sugar, and your sebaceous glands in your skin contain yeast. When the yeast feeds, it grows and has a little party on your face. I don't know about you, but thats one party that can hit the road!

Now obviously this isn't going to be a cure-all because everyone's body is different, but I have had such success that it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself. 
Keep in mind that in both photos I'm wearing makeup. The first photo is the summer before my freshman year in college, and the second is a month ago and exactly 2 years after the first.
You can see that by no means do I have perfect skin now, but I feel like I am looking at two different people. All that I changed was my diet.
I really hope that this helps someone out there who is struggling like I was!



  1. I had mild to moderate acne throughout high school - nothing really bad, just average - but suddenly it was severe my first semester of college. I can completely relate to the feelings of being uncomfortable and not wanting to be photographed or touched (let alone) kissed on your face. I kept thinking, "This isn't me." I wish I had tried diet adjustments back then, instead I was on every Rx you can think of. Luckily it cleared up in a few months, but damage was already done. Thanks for sharing and being so open. I know this will really help others in the same situation.