Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My High Maintenance Starbucks Order

Yes, yes, I admit it I am one of those people who's drink order is a mile long. I apologize.
I am just a sucker for hot flavored drinks, and I know how I like them!
For those who aren't aware, I am a huge tea drinker. I have to have it every day, it is my ultimate comfort food. Comfort drink. Whatever. 
But I think we can all agree that there is something about coffee that is just irresistible, and for me that is the christmas drink- gingerbread latte

But I have tried to cut out coffee almost entirely over the past year.
I'll try to keep my explanation short and sweet, but for about a year I had pretty severe acne, brought on by a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. It was pretty much the only negative experience of the whole trip.
[I'm third from the left in the top row.]
I blame it on all the acidic food, and having to drink everything but the water...especially the coffee. Mmmmm I still crave Dominican coffee two years later
But after lots of research and appointments I have whipped my skin back into shape through keeping a simple strategic diet. Which excludes coffee. 

Dilemma: I don't drink coffee anymore, but I loooovvvveeee me some gingerbread latte. 
Solution: My complicated, wonderful drink order.

A non-fat black tea latte with pumps of gingerbread. 
(how many depends on the size)
It would be even better if they had almond milk, but they don't. Yet. I'm hopeful.

I haven't tried it with other syrups but I don't know why it wouldn't work just the same with any other flavor you could think of. 
Try it and tell me if you like it, or if my imagination is just a little too vivid.


  1. Welcome to the blog world! So excited to find you over at Sweet Pea-"Followers to friends". Wishing you all the best in your new's amazing and I have met some amazing ladies in the process! Always ask questions...You will be surprised at how helpful other bloggers can me. :)

    Cheers- Tiffany

    ps...I swear starbucks takes over half my paycheck every month! #delish

  2. I don't drink coffee (or any warm beverages actually) but the gingerbread latte always sounds amazing! I'm following now from the Blog hop and hope you'll stop by and do the same :)
    xo, Sarah

  3. ok - i think i would die without coffee.
    i realize that seems a bit over-dramatic but i just can't help it.

    that being said - i love tea. do you prefer loose leaf tea??

    1. I LOOVEE loose tea, I would definitely say that I prefer it, especially because you can mix the different flavors.
      I don't know if it's just a local thing, but out here we have this tea store called Teavana, it has some of the best tea that I've ever had in my life. If you love tea you should see if you have it out there!!

    2. LOVE loose leaf.
      we have a great place called fava tea. that i'm obsessed with!

      also - just wanted to let you know that you're set up as a no-reply blog commenter so i can't respond to your comments via email.

  4. New reader and follower from follow to friends hop! Love the blog! I'm still waiting for almond milk at my starbucks too...someday! I can't function without my daily coffee

    1. And I love yours!! I get so excited when I find a good fellow foodie blogger!
      Thanks for the follow :)

  5. That is definitely original! So eliminating coffee helps--but you can still drink black tea? I'm all ears. I need this kind of info!

    1. Hey Sarah!
      Ya, not many people know this but coffee is pretty acidic, so when you drink it regularly it will mess up your body's pH balance, which in turn will mess up a lot of things including your skin (if it already sensitive like mine). So the black tea latte substitute avoids that whole problem, but still gives me that caffeine boost that I definitely need sometimes : )
      I hope that helps! : )

  6. I love tea! I will definitely be trying this drink since I didn't even think to try it. Esther Norine Designs My email is, if the no-reply is still turned on. I'm trying to turn it off.

    1. I'm glad to provide you with a new idea: )
      And yes, it's still turned on. I had/have the same problem too, I can't really tell if I fixed it haha

  7. Mmmmm, looks delicious!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  8. Just found your blog through Sweet Pea Sylvie's blog hop, i'm a new follower :)

  9. Newest follower....just found your blog from Abpetite! :):):)

    1. I'm honored, I'm a long time lover of your blog!!

  10. I am a huge tea drinker, but have never thought to add syrups- yummy! Found your blog though Abpetite and am a new follower :) Plus I'm a fellow San Diego blogger :)

  11. Oh! I never thought to add pumps to tea! What a great idea! Found you through the blog hop! New follower. Visit me over at Moms Surviving Kids!
    Megan @