Friday, December 21, 2012

Breakfast Enchiladas

From personal experience, when Christmas morning rolls around, the last thing on everybody's mind is breakfast...until the clock strikes 11 and we are all starving
So someone makes a trip for breakfast burritos because Lord knows that we need to get started on Christmas dinner without breakfast dishes in the way.
At least thats how it happens at my house. 
Over the last couple years my mom began to think out of the box with make-ahead breakfasts, so we could eat while doing all the Christmas morning things we do. 

And so came about the instant hit: The Breakfast Enchilada
With all the sugar we were about to consume, the last thing my mom wanted was to serve us some baked french toast with enough sugar to send us into a diabetic coma (although I have a great recipe for  one). 
 I always feel like the very best recipes are the ones handed down. 
This one came from a dear family friend, and the handwritten page made me so happy I had to take a picture.
So if you're like me and can't read a single word on that page, here is what you'll need:
Green Chilis
✓ Corn Tortillas
✓ Shredded Jack (or pepper jack)
✓ Chopped Onion
✓ Diced Tomato
✓ 5-8 Eggs
✓ Milk
✓ 1/2 teaspoon of the following:
garlic powder
 You're going to cover a greased pan with a can (or two) of green chilis. 
I used an 8x8 pan, but Christmas morning we will use a 9x13. 
 Layer strips of corn tortilla.
 Layer half of the cheese.
 Layer the onions and tomatoes, and begin again.
 Tortillas + cheese, 
 + tomatoes + onions.
If you are doing this make-ahead style, this is where I would cover and refrigerate until morning.
 Then the next day, whisk the eggs and spices together and pour over your layers... 
 ...bake in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes, and you're all set!
And there you have it, an easy family pleaser with little to no sugar.
This is by no means a recipe set in stone. 
Depending on what you have in hand here are some other ideas:
Add a layer of sauteed onions, some garlic, and spinach/kale
For the carni's, add a layer of ham or ground sausage
Incorporate some sweet corn, diced jalapenos and black beans for more of a Tex-Mex flavor

Any way you spin it, I hope you enjoy!


  1. Yummy....this looks husband approved!

  2. I loved this so much, I put it in our Weekly Link Round Up for Mom Bloggers & Christmas Recipes!...

    1. Thank you so much, I feel honored : )
      I'm glad you liked it!!

  3. Yum! I love that it's make ahead. So convenient!

  4. You got me right where I live!! I love green chiles and one dish meals!! (but alas I made Creme Brulee French Toast this morning, now I am craving your breakfast:) I am pinning this as I am digging in the pantry and fridge to see if I have ingredients to make this right now, LOL!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. Oh. My. This is a breakfast I would love. I agree with your mom. So much sugar this time of year--a savory breakfast is the way to go.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing with See Ya in the Gumbo! With everything going on this time of year, I appreciate you taking time out of your day. Nice to have you join!

  6. I could eat this breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is being featured at My MEatless Mondays. Thanks for sharing with us.