Saturday, November 3, 2012

Farmers Market and Homemade Salsa

There are few things that I love more than going to my local Farmer's market. I love incorporating all the seasonal veggies into my meals, and I love even more the time to people watch, and socialize.
 My boy accompanied me this time, and we went with an agenda: ingredients for homemade salsa!
 Just look how good everything looks! Makes me want to buy things that I don't need haha
 And these people do such a good job with their stations, I just love the atmosphere.
 Here is just a picture of my girls enjoying this beautiful fall day in San Diego.
 We got home and I went to work in the kitchen while my loved ones waited for the end result.
 Here's the lineup for today:
(all curtesy of the farmer's matket)

  • Sorrento peppers
  • Steak tomatoes
  • A Lemon
  • An Onion
  • Cilantro
  • A garlic clove

 I like my salsa a little chunky, so I dice up my veggies so that when it comes time to put all the ingredients in the food processor, it only takes a few pulses.
 There is Alex helping me squeeze the lemon juice over the ingredients.
 And we just pulsed that up. I give it 8-10 good pulses.
 And voila, all done! And I just had to show off the lovely flowers that Alex got me this weekend in the background.
There you have it! To control the level of spiciness, I have a secret. The heat comes from the seeds of the peppers, so if you want it less spicy, gut out the seeds before putting the pepper into your salsa.
So good, so refreshing.

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