Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Night In

Valentine's day is just around the corner! 
Pink, hearts, and love quotes are three of my all time favorite things, so naturally this is one of my favorite days to celebrate!
This year Alex and I will be going the conservative route and having a romantic night in.
Here are some ideas that I am playing with to make the night special:

I love these ideas from The Glitter Guide:

 Floor length table cloth, all you need is a quick trip to the fabric shop!

Cute dinner menu made easy with pink card stock. 

Strawberry champaign from Carolina Charm

A corny invitation for a movie night from Pink Pistachio

What are your favorite valentines traditions?


  1. what great ideas! I especially love the menu - such a fun way to fancy it up :)

  2. I love these ideas! My husband and I have spent every Valentine's day the same way since we met. I always make homemade Lasagna for him, and we have a glass of wine out of these super cute wine glasses I bought our very first Valentine's together. Maybe I need to try the strawberry champagne in them this year :)

  3. Love you blog!!! Your newest follower :)

    Hope you'll check out mine. :-)


  4. These are all super cute V-day ideas!