Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey Friends!

Here you are.

Here I am.

Here we are.
At my brand new blog.
I'm not sure why I've decided to take this on, I've had a blog before and know how much work it is to keep it up. I'm just going into my second year of college, playing volleyball and balancing 19 units this semester. I'm gonna have sooo much free time for a blog.. right? Logically.
None-the-less I will still be having to cook myself meals, and take care of my house, so whats the big deal if I snap some pictures along the way? Seems like an alright plan to me.

I plan to post about once a week. I say "about" because it's really going to be just as my schedule allows. Lets get real..there won't be much to say about consistency.
That aside I'm super into nutrition and fitness, so I'll share some knowledge that I've aquired.
I have a passion for cooking and a boyfriend with a passion for eating. (Two plus two.. it works and I cook a lot.)
I like a clean and organized house but it doesn't come naturally so I've become pro at cheating with the house work.
And last but not least, I LOVE pintrest. I can easily spend hours on that stupid, life-sucking, wonderful, inspirational site. So when I attempt something I will share the intended result..and the actual result. That will be fun.
So if you're looking for semi-easy, semi-quick, always healthy, always (usually) great, meals, snacks, and how to's, I hope that I can give you some inspiration.
If I have accomplished that, I will have succeeded. I hope you can find something to enjoy here : )


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