Friday, January 4, 2013

Learning to be Flexible..

Those who know me well know that it is an incredible challenge for me to go with the flow when things don't go as planned. I am such a planner, I like to have nearly every hour of the day scheduled with something..even if that something is nothing. I know that I'm a crazy woman. I can't help it!

So remember last week when I was planning to head up to the mountains for some snowboarding? Well almost nothing went as planned. And I learned a valuable lesson about being flexible. Because basically I had no other choice! 

Meet Josh and Tyler: Two crazies that I've grown up with since jr. high. They are brothers to me and best buds to Alex. Last year they upped and moved to the mountains. This year Alex and I decided to pay a visit. We went to stay with the two of them their one other roommate. Or so we thought.

We get up there and see 7 cars in the driveway. They belonged to the 7 residents of this 4 bedroom 1 bathroom cabin. Did I mention 1 bathroom? Ya, 1 bathroom. 
I was outnumbered 8 to 1 in this cabin in the woods. I felt like I was in some knock off version of New Girl.
Talk about an awkward living situation!
Needless to say, Alex was extremely apologetic because neither of us had any idea what we were walking into.

Side note- Can I just point out how awkward I look in all that clothing??
After some deep breaths on my part, we had a wonderful time snowboarding and seeing mammoth mountain from a local's perspective, and an awesome New Years Eve which I managed to take zero pictures of! Blogger fail. As a whole the trip made for some great story telling.

There was the bakery that didn't serve breakfast, an overflowing of the bathroom of the gates of hell, Alex learning to knife fight, debating politics with rumplestiltskin, and when Alex fell off the ski lift. Eventful to say the least and I'm glad I lightened up enough to enjoy it : )

Here are a few pictures I did manage to take while we were up there: 
Wintery goodness!


  1. I lovee this story! 8 guys, that sounds like a GREAT time, but i've always been kind of a guy girl;)

    It looks absolutely gorgeous!! so jealous!

  2. how funny you had to be in a cabin with 8 guys and 1 bathroom, just be glad "aunt flow" didnt coming along on the trip. Love the pics, but all that snow looks like hell on earth to me...I had being cold :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. omg I would freak out if I walked into that kind of a living situation! haha! Props to you!! That snow looks SO beautiful! Glad to hear you had a good time, despite your surprise! Haha!

  4. Hi, I found your blog thru Wannabe Green. Adorable blog!
    Happy Blogging,

  5. haha, love the New Girl reference! I cannot imagine... 1 bathroom? crazy!

  6. Awesome! New Girl is the BEST! I know what you mean about the blogger fail on the pics, I do that ALL the time. Christmas Eve, I hardly have any pics....but last nights dinner....I have at least 80! Haha...thanks for sharing, looks like a good time!

  7. I really loved your guest post on Wannabe Green! I'm totally going to try that now :) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

  8. Hi! I saw you on Ashley's blog and wanted to come say hi! I loved your body scrub tutorial! Those pictures in the snow look amazing! I have yet to see snow this year. It looks like y'all had a great time. :)