Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Real Talk Tuesday: Not Even Halfway Through

It's Tuesday night, and it just turned 9:00. I'm home for the first time today since 7:30 this morning.
My week has already had enough happen to make me counting down until the weekend.
Would you like me to share with you? Maybe you will realize that your week is going rather well ;) 


6:00 AM - I realize that I left my laptop charger in Alex's car. Have I ever mentioned in the past that during the week Alex are I live 45 minutes away? In all cases, (but especially this case),  this is extremely inconvenient.
10:00 AM - Computer dies with a homework assignment on it due. No, it was not lost forever. However, I was not able to get to it before class started. Thank God for understanding teachers and friends who will loan you their charger after class.
5:00 PM - Drive 40 minutes to pick up computer charger during Alex's lunch break. I don't know how this happened, I was supposed to be working a baseball game until late. Then it rained enough to cancel the game. Woot Woot! Shoutout ~ I'm such a good girlfriend, I brought him a Jamba Juice.
7:00 PM - My mom meets me (since I'm so close to home) to take me to dinner.  This one is not a complaint. She's awesome, and thanks to her and the leftovers I didn't have to cook tonight


9:00 AM - International Outreach Festival! All.Day.Long. I love my school but this made for a loooonnnngggg day. 9am-4pm listening to different speakers talk about missionary work.      
4:00 PM - Quick lunch/dinner and workout   

6:00 PM - Making Awkward Phone Calls. I'm part of a leadership scholarship on campus, so we have to help out from time to time. Well this week that entails 3, 2-hour time slots where we are that guy who calls you at dinner time to say " Hi alumni, I'm a current student, would you like to donate to your alma mater?" I definitely woke up a sleeping baby on one of my calls. Literally.

7:42 PM - I get the most dreaded text:  From my training room supervisor, where I work. Telling me that I was scheduled to work the basketball game. And of course I don't get the text until I'm done asking people for money. After the game is over.

All that, and it's only Tuesday. Not even half way through the week.
It can only get better from here right?? Besides the exam in the morning. And facing a bitter athletic trainer in the afternoon. Oh and more phone calls by night. I love college.

Want to hear what will be getting me through the week?
I'll share. These voices lead me straight into God's peace every single time.

If I did it right, it should be a playlist of 4 songs.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Oh my gosh I hope your week has gotten better. I know how it is to be the people making the calls. Whenever my alma mater calls I be sure to try and answer the phone and be nice to whoever is on the other end.

  2. I'm so sorry for your not so great start of the week, I hope you can enjoy your weekend!Thanks for following Shine On! Happy to follow back!